2009/2/4 Yue Wang <yuleo...@gmail.com>:
> Oh, Dohyun, if I said something wrong on Korean's typeface, please
> point out. I am not a native Korean speaker:)

There are many more free Korean fonts.

Unfonts have good (but not excellent, frankly speaking) quality
and are originated from Korean TeX community, so that
Korean TeX users normally use unfonts "officially".
Actually, however, they use other commercial or free fonts for
really critical or private purposes.

Moreover, recently, there's a noticeable trend in Korea
for big private companies or local governments to release
free fonts of high quality.  Amongst them, "Nanum" fonts
released by number one Korean portal site, Naver, are noteworthy.

Serif and Sans series of Nanum fonts:

Monospace series of Nanum fonts:

These fonts are freely redistributable, as far as I know.

I will introduce some more Korean free fonts of quality
later on another occasion.

Dohyun Kim
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