I uploaded a new beta. There are a few math fixes (but extensible top accents will be done the next few weeks because the engine needs to rupport it). There is also a changed CJK handler (on by default but that might change because of some overhead that it creates). Later this week, in Korea I'll discuss some details that are boethering me esp how to deal with crappy fonts, half width, etc. (I made some automatisms that I removed because there is too much interference and unpredictability)

CJK users can get an idea with



\setupcolors[state=start] \enabletrackers[cjk.analyzing]



\definedfont[adobesongstd-light*korean at 10pt] \setupinterlinespace

\ShowCombinationsCJK (\ShowCombinationsC)


CJK users might want to  get some agreement on

- what exact rules are with regarde to mixes
- how to deal with interference between fonts
- which fonts can serve as reference
- what examples to use for testing
- ...


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