I'm using ConTeXt to create a small table of
unicode characters. Below is my current test. The
codes are:

U+2019 is a single quotation mark
U+2610 should be a ballot box
U+226b should be a "much greater than" (>>)
U+2115 should be the N as used to represent the natural numbers

I get 2019 right, 2610 becomes a blank,
226b becomes just a 'b' and 2115 is also
a blank. The choosen font is just one I
selected (randomly) for testing.

Is there a font I could select that would give
me a wide set of unicode characters? Actually: is
the choice of font the reason for the missing
characters, or I'm just doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,



\definefontsynonym [myfont] [name:texgyretermesregular]
\definefont [tudo] [myfont at 10pt]

\defineframed [tabelado]




{ \tabelado{\blank \char"2019 \par \blank} } { 2019 }
{ \tabelado{\blank \char"2610 \par \blank} } { 2610 }
{ \tabelado{\blank \char"226b \par \blank} } { 226b }
{ \tabelado{\blank \char"2115 \par \blank} } { 2115 }



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