2009/3/25 Henning Hraban Ramm <hra...@fiee.net>:
> Sorry, I tested only on my Intel Mac at home this morning.
> texlua on OSX-PPC is still broken.
> It works with my self-compiled LuaTeX 0.36.0
> Should I send my luatex/texlua binary to anyone?

Sorry again, I should really test before I post :-(

Running mtx-update (--context=beta) I get:

./bin/mtx-update.lua:432: attempt to index global 'statistics' (a nil value)

same on line 509. commented those lines, update seems to work (with my binary).

But when I try to make formats I get:

run | luatools --generate
dyld: Symbol not found: _close$UNIX2003
  Referenced from: /usr/local/ConTeXt/tex/texmf-osx-ppc/bin/texlua
  Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

So I must replace the binaries in texmf-osx-ppc/bin... Ok

I can generate formats for pdfTeX and XeTeX without problems.

luatools --generate
 (seems ok)

context --make
stops with:
loading : Node Support (initialization)
) (/usr/local/ConTeXt/tex/texmf-context/tex/context/base/node-fin.tex
loading : Node Support (finalization)
! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \c!global

\doifnotinset #1->\edef \!!stringa {#1
                                      }\ifx \!!stringa \empty \expandafter \...
\dodefineattribute ...te }\doifnotinset \c!global
                                                  {#2}{\appendetoks \csname ...
<to be read again>

(Yes, Thomas, I'm on 10.4 here.)

Greetlings, Hraban
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