MPost graphics inside TRT direction are placed incorrectly overlapping
the text on the right, similar to what we had with \pdfximage (see the
attached PDF).

This seems to be unrelated to images issue since MPost graphics are
inserted as \pdfliteral. I'm not sure if this an engine or macro issue,
but I'm guessing the later.

Changing the \startMPLIBtoPDF so that the \hbox where the graphics is
placed is fixed to TLT direction fixes this, but I'm not sure if it is
safe to do so. 


 Khaled Hosny
 Arabic localiser and member of team
 Free font developer
pickup pencircle xscaled 5 rotated 30;
draw unitsquare scaled 20 withcmykcolor (0.3,0.4,0.6,0);

\textdir TRT
This is text \useMPgraphic{dummy} and this is too

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--- mlib-pdf.tex.orig	2009-03-25 17:26:53.000000000 +0200
+++ mlib-pdf.tex	2009-03-25 17:27:04.000000000 +0200
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 \def\startMPLIBtoPDF#1#2#3#4% watch the transparency reset
-  {\hbox\bgroup
+  {\hbox dir TLT\bgroup

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