Hi all!

I'm new into context an I'm trying to write a user-manual for my company.
For some strange reasons I have to use a font names Adobe Avenir. I managed
to install the TTF-Files with texfont but now I'm lost in the creation
of a typescript.
Maybe there is someone who can give me a little help!

My map file looks like this (texnansi-adobe-avenir.map):

texnansi-AVENI17 Avenir-Heavy 4             < AVENI17.ttf texnansi.enc
texnansi-AVENI18 Avenir-HeavyOblique 4 < AVENI18.ttf texnansi.enc
texnansi-AVENI23 Avenir-Oblique 4           < AVENI23.ttf texnansi.enc
texnansi-AVENI24 Avenir-Roman 4            < AVENI24.ttf texnansi.enc

And my typescript looks like this (type-adobe-avenir.tex):

\starttypescript [map] [avenir] [textansi]
  \loadmapfile [texnansi-adobe-avenir.map]

\starttypescript [sans] [avenir] [texnansi]
  \definefontsynonym [Avenir-Heavy]             [texnansi-AVENI17]
  \definefontsynonym [Avenir-HeavyOblique] [texnansi-AVENI18]
  \definefontsynonym [Avenir-Oblique]           [texnansi-AVENI23]
  \definefontsynonym [Avenir-Roman]            [texnansi-AVENI24]

\starttypescript [sans] [avenir] [name]
  \definefontsynonym [Sans]               [Avenir-Roman]
  \definefontsynonym [SansItalic]        [Avenir-Oblique]
  \definefontsynonym [SansBold]        [Avenir-Heavy]
  \definefontsynonym [SansBoldItalic] [Avenir-HeavyOblique]

\starttypescript [Avenir]
  \definetypeface [Avenir] [rm] [sans] [avenir] [default]

When I try to use my typescript in my environment file like this:


... simply nothing happens ... I get the same font as before. Arrgh!
In the logging messages of  texexec I see a message that my
typescript-file is loaded!

Hopefully someone can give my a hand,


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