On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 11:50 AM, Hans Hagen <pra...@wxs.nl> wrote:
> luigi scarso wrote:
>>> \newtoks \everynotabene   % this one is for collected error messages and
>>> so
>> not in minimals,
>> only minimals-beta
> sure, and mostly meant for mkiv
maybe I  can make a bit of hacking to luatex.web,
final_cleanup; {prepare for death}

@ Now this is really it: \TeX\ starts and ends here.

The initial test involving |ready_already| should be deleted if the
\PASCAL\ runtime system is smart enough to detect such a ``mistake.''
@^system dependencies@>

@p begin @!{|start_here|}
history:=fatal_error_stop; {in case we quit during initialization}
t_open_out; {open the terminal for output}
if ready_already=314159 then goto start_of_TEX;
@<Check the ``constant'' values...@>@;
if bad>0 then
  begin wterm_ln('Ouch---my internal constants have been clobbered!',
    '---case ',bad:1);
  goto final_end;
initialize; {set global variables to their starting values}
@!init if not get_strings_started then goto final_end;
init_prim; {call |primitive| for each primitive}
init_str_ptr:=str_ptr; init_pool_ptr:=pool_ptr; fix_date_and_time;
start_of_TEX: @<Initialize the output routines@>;
@<Get the first line of input and prepare to start@>;
history:=spotless; {ready to go!}
@<Initialize synctex primitive@>
main_control; {come to life}
final_cleanup; {prepare for death}
end_of_TEX: close_files_and_terminate;
final_end: ready_already:=0;

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