luigi scarso wrote:
why, what do you want to achieve; there are already such hooks
The original request was
sorry for the noise :
is there in mkiv a very last macro ?
I mean something like
which does absolutly nothing to the pdf , and  after  which mkiv ends
without calls any other macro

Peter suggest to use \everylastshipout;
but this

Luigi want to do for some unknown reason.\immediate\write16{BOOOM!}}

\appendtoks\LuigisWhateverShouldHappen \to \everylastshipout

Something Luigi want to do for some unknown reason.

near the bottom of pdf (and I don't want it)
and BOOM! on log (which is a way to say that this macro was called)

the problem is in your definition of 'end' and 'bottom'

the real final thing is \end and \everygoodbye happens just before that (the only calls after it are postponed error messages, which have no consequence for any pdf and the primitive \end which is really needed)

of course there can be pending conditional branches that needs to be finished; just try \appendtoks\tracingall\to\everygoodbye

You can also do something

    table.insert(input.stop_actions, function()
        texio.write_nl("I still have no clue why you need it.")

any other hook in itself will introduce a new situation of 'something done before the real \end'


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