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Am 31.03.2009 um 09:27 schrieb Taco Hoekwater:

Will this new module also provide BibX support?
Perhaps ;)

On the input side, the new module will load bibliographies from disk
into an internal XML structure and then use lpath queries to fetch
bibliographic data. It will use separate loaders to do so, so in
the end, anything can be plugged in as long as it can be converted
to the internal structure.
Why not just a lua table to save the data?

Yes, I was wondering the same thing. This is typically how the various CSL
implementations work; parse the input data (XML, RDF, BibTeX, etc.) into some
internal structure.

I was't clear enough. "internal XML structure" actually is a lua
table structure. It just follows a bunch of special rules that
make lpath queries work.

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