i found a few bugs in the new structure code for mkiv.

1. the dot after numbered items is missing

\item first item
\item second item

2. indices in headers work not in interactive mode

\section{Section one\index{section}}

3. \\ generates a backslash but was a space before


4. the page numbers in the index are wrong

text apple\index{apple} text
text flower\index{flower} text
text tomato\index{tomato} text
text banana\index{banana} text

another thing are the page number in the example above, the old code reseted
the number with each part and prefixed it but this happens no longer

5. \tex command did not work correct in \index

text command\index{\tex{command}} text

6. 'none' value in float caption did not work, 'none' is treated as normal caption text


... to be continued


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