Am 2009-04-28 um 20:53 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:

\setupsectionworld is unknown in latest beta (at least since some betas before).

removed from mkiv a *long* time ago, there is now \startchapter etc.

Long time in ConTeXt means less than a year...
In 2008-08 Hans still wrote he wouldn't know if he would extend the sectionworld in MkIV.

The discussion about \startsection ... \stopsection was in 2007!

I don't understand how to use \startchapter[]{} ... \stopchapter for my needs.

Could you give me a hint what to look for?

I couldn't find \startchapter in the garden, and \startsection leads to
\startsectionblockenvironment (strc-sbe.tex, core-sec.tex)
\startsectionworld (core-swd.tex, doesn't mention it's not for MkIV)
\startsection (m-cweb.tex)

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