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Would it be possible to go through a deprecation phase?  E.g., allow

 \section hello world

to compile, but prompt the user to acknowledge that it's going to be replaced with \section{hello world} in future versions.

Please don't mix your concern about structurals without braces into this thread, would you please? Or is it the same topic?
I agree that it would be nice to know if commands disappear.

I try to understand here, how to redo my chapter setup that once worked using sectionworld commands.
At the moment I get no output for the chapter title at all.

My input reads:


The output as chapter title should become like:

{\rm\tf Author\crlf}
{\ss\bfb Title\crlf}
{\ss\bf Subtitle}

In the table of contents I need:

Author: Title \hfill pagenumber

So, using \startchapter, I define \Titel like this:

\def\Titel#1#2#3{\startchapter[title={#2},bookmark={#2}] [author={#1},subtitle={#3}]}

I guess, even \startchapter should obey to \setuphead[chapter]:

   page=yes, number=no,

Therefore I define (i.e. Wolfgang defined) \ChapterCommand like:

\def\ChapterCommand#1#2{\vbox{\ChapterAuthor\ChapterTitle \ChapterSubTitle}}

While \ChapterAuthor cum suis is defined in a setup.
Now, what's the replacement for:


I tried to adapt Wolfgang's code to Hans' sparse hints:


\startsetups chapter:list




\def\ChapterCommand#1#2{\vbox{\ChapterAuthor\ChapterTitle \ChapterSubTitle}}

% why is/was this needed?


(The original code is still in

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