Hello ConTeXt folks,

I'm quite new to ConTeXt.  I like it.
It's way more systematic than LaTeX.

Here's my first question.  When omitting the last
part of  a sentence, I want four periods:

  This is a long sentence which\ldots.

LaTeX produces equally-spaced four periods,
but with ConTeXt, the last space is narrower
than the preceding two.  (See examples below.)
I guess that LaTeX specifically designed
its \ldots with this use (sentence-ending four dots)
in mind.  How can one fix it in ConTeXt?

I use the "context" package version 2008.05.21-1
on Debian testing.  The LaTeX is from the
texlive-latex packages.

%--- ConTeXt version ----------
Hello\ldots.  World.\ldots

%--- LaTeX version ------
Hello\ldots.  World.\ldots
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