Dear context users,
at first a lot of warm thanks for help and comments on using

On a different matter, I now have the following problem :
I do a lot of testing trying compiling my slides (using the following
command : "context essai.tex"). Sometimes, I get errors and an
interactive prompt that I kill with either ctrl+C or ctrl+Z (at random).

I noticed that my computer was swapping (2Go RAM). 
With "ps xa  | grep lua" I get 34 process.    

Using "top" and sorting by memory used the processes, I noticed 7
instances of luatex and 5 of texlua on the first page for a total of
800MB of resident memory.

Did I miss something using context (I do "context essai.tex" each time
that I want compile changes) ?

"killall luatex" and kill -15 PID does nothing.


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