On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 08:37:46AM +0200, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
> Similarly you could define an additional variant, like "noos".
> http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Font_Variants
> (Didn't check if font variants work ok in MkIV; I used them only for  
> light and medium weights before.)

I tried this approach and failed.  I compiled the following code with
texexec --xtx, and the resulting PDF contained nothing except an
old-style page number...  Any idea?

# --------------- ConTeXt code ---------------
\definefontfeature [old] [onum=yes]
\definefontfeature [noos] [onum=no]
\definefontfeature [smcap] [smcp=yes]

\starttypescript [serif] [caslon]
   \definefontsynonym [Caslon-Roman]        [file:ACaslonPro-Regular]  
   \definefontsynonym [Caslon-Roman-NoOs]      [file:ACaslonPro-Regular]  
   \definefontsynonym [Caslon-Bold]           [file:ACaslonPro-Bold]   
   \definefontsynonym [Caslon-Italic]         [file:ACaslonPro-Italic]  
   \definefontsynonym [Caslon-Bold-Italic]    [file:ACaslonPro-BoldItalic] 
   \definefontsynonym [Caslon-SmallCaps]      [file:ACaslonPro-Regular]  

\starttypescript [serif] [caslon] [name]
   \definefontsynonym [Serif]           [Caslon-Roman]
   \definefontsynonym [SerifItalic]     [Caslon-Italic]  
   \definefontsynonym [SerifBold]       [Caslon-Bold]
   \definefontsynonym [SerifBoldItalic] [Caslon-Bold-Italic]  
   \definefontsynonym [SerifCaps]       [Caslon-SmallCaps]

   \definefontvariant [Serif][noos][NoOs]

   \definefontsynonym [SerifRegular]       [Serif]
   \definefontsynonym [SerifRegularNoOs]       [Caslon-Roman-NoOs]  
   \definefontsynonym [SerifItalicNoOs]     [Caslon-Italic]  
   \definefontsynonym [SerifBoldNoOs]       [Caslon-Bold]
   \definefontsynonym [SerifBoldItalicNoOs] [Caslon-Bold-Italic]  


\starttypescript [prof]
  \definetypeface [prof] [rm] [serif] [caslon] [default]

\setupbodyfont[prof, 12pt]

{\Var[noos] 1234567890}

# --------------- End of ConTeXt code---------------

%%% Local Variables: 
%%% mode: context
%%% TeX-PDF-mode: t
%%% End: 

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There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
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