| \unexpanded\def\fourdots{{\def\periodswidth{.3em}\periods[4]}}
| \starttext
| Hello\fourdots\ World\fourdots
| Hello\fourdots\ World.
| \stoptext

Thanks for the macro!  It's almost perfect. . . .  I thought I was
imagining things, but the distance between the last letter of the word
and the first dot actually seems to be dependent on the parameter
"\periodswidth{.3em}".  See the attached example.

I changed it to "\periodswidth{.4em}" and then the distance is
larger with \fourdots than with \ldots  .  The distance \ldots
produces is the same as a raw period produces.  If possible,
I'd like the distance to be always the same as the one
a raw period produces.

By the way, I'm wondering where one should store personal macro files.
With LaTeX (texlive-latex), ~/texmf/tex/latex/ seems to be the default
place.  Is ~/texmf/tex/context/ a recommended place?

% Use a large font to make the difference clearer.
Hello. World.

Hello\ldots.  World.

Hello\fourdots\ World.

Hello. World.
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