Hi Mojca

let me show you a neat trick ... just as distraction of your thesis work ...

\starttypescript[serif] [modern]
  \definefontsynonym [Whatever] [file:AdobeSongStd-Light]
  \definetypeface [zhfont] [rm] [serif] [modern] [default]

\definebodyfont [default] [rm] [wh=Whatever sa 1]


% no chinese in math anyway
% \let\whfam\nnfam
% \appendtoks
%   \dosettextfamily\c!wh
% \to \textstrategies

\usetypescript[zhfont] \setupbodyfont[zhfont,10pt]


\dorecurse{10000}{ hello {\wh 你好}}

\tfd \dorecurse{10000}{ hello {\wh 你好}}


this works because the low level system is not frozen but extensible by design (or a feature); of course, the more such extra alternatives we define by default (which we therefore don't) the slower slovenian typesetting becomes when again we do a full bodyfont switch -)


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