Yue Wang wrote:

> the software unusable (Imagine that you want to correct a minor error
> in a document and see the result, you press the typeset button in
> TeXWorks, leave the lualatex program running, and during the 5 minutes

it depends on usage:

if you want wysiwyg you should use a desk top publishing program or a
word processor

if you type an occasional letter or whatever small document, use a word

if you do automated typesetting, you can use tex

if you make very large and complex docs, you can use tex

if you focus on writing and occasionally need to see  the output (simply
because you trust the system to be able to deal with it) you can also
use tex

> compilation time, you can have a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine...
> Anyway, t-zhspacing is much faster than lualatex. but 1 minutes to
> compile a 100 pages document is still too long)

it all depends on what you use and want to achieve; also lualatex is not
relevant when we discuss for instance context mkiv which follows
different routes

(btw, mk.pdf takes some 55 seconds for a 300+ page document and that's
10 seconds for page faulting so on another machine it runs faster; and
mk uses a lot of large fonts + some demanding typesetting like arabic)

> But one thing is always puzzling me: When open MS Word, it consumes
> 16MB memory, then I typeset Chinese text in 10 different Chinese fonts
> (all are 10M+ each), word only consumes 30MB memory. If I do that in
> LuaTeX it will consume almost 1G memory... why MS Word parses fonts
> and renders text so fast while consumes such less memory? Can TeX do
> that too?

word will use shared libs so you don't see all mem used; if a file on
disk is 10 meg and you use several of them, i'm pretty sure that such a
font unpacked takes some mem somewhere; also, the renderer is embedded
in the operating system; in mkiv we maintain a table representation and
since fonts hame many subtables it takes mem

also, if word renders fast and efficient and does the job right, you
don't need tex at all -)


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