Luigi, Hans, and Wolfgang, thank you for your responses. I'm still
unclear on several things. (comments on your responses follow

Let me try asking these things as questions. Specifically, could
someone please tell me...
1. How do I determine whether I am using MKII, MKIV, or XeTeX to
process my documents?
2. Given the line from a typescript...
\definefontsynonym[LiberationSerif] [name:liberationserif]
... how do I determine which file "name:liberationserif" corresponds to?
3. In both MKII and MKIV, how can I determine which typescripts exist?
In other words, how do I determine working arguments for
3b. Specifically, in the case of...
... in which typescript is this defined? (given a vanilla context
minimals installation)
4. What defines the output of "fc-list" or "mtxrun --script fonts
--list"? Do they correspond to files? Type synonyms? etc.
5. Do I need to bother with map files for MKII?
6. Is it particularly recommended that I use MKIV? How stable is it
compared to MKII?

Luigi, what do you mean by "and look into base/*"? Which 'base'? Are
you talking about in the context minimals distribution? some specific
online repository? I have seen the two documents you mentioned.
Re-reading them has clarified things a little bit.

Currently the module you linked to
( is beyond my
understanding... I would first like to understand the mechanism your
module operates on before trying to automate it.

I am aware that there are such types of parameters that must be
defined for fonts. I understand 'it is complicated' but this does not
really help make things clearer to me. The inner workings of fonts are
of little concern to me to me at the moment. Right now I do not even
know where to look. I have seen the examples you gave for palatino,
such as...
...but I have no idea where those arguments come from


On 5/13/09, afsmith <> wrote:
> What I would like to do is use the full range of TeX-Gyre fonts (and
> later possibly others) for my existing documents.
> It is not clear to me...
> Whether or not I am using MKIV, nor how to determine which engine I am
> running.
> If not running MKIV/XeTeX, how to determine which fonts are installed.
> What the items from the output of "fc-list" or "mtxrun --script fonts
> --list" correspond to.
> How to use available fonts, nor where to draw valid parameters from
> for use in font commands.
> How to determine what font configurations are available for a given font.
> Whether I need to write typescripts, nor how to find any existing ones.
> Whether I need to concern myself with .map or any other font files.
> Whether I need to configure anything, move any files, etcetera.
> ...As well as anything else I might need to install or use a font
> For what it's worth, I have been using the command "texexec" to
> process my tex files, am using a context minimals downloaded about two
> months ago, and am running Linux.
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