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Currently the module you linked to
( is beyond my
understanding... I would first like to understand the mechanism your
module operates on before trying to automate it.

My module simplifies the use of fonts in MkIV and is similar to the
fontspec package for LaTeX but has one feature which is not available
in fontspec.

Here is a example:

When you wan to use the Delicious fonts [1] from exljbris you need
a typescript which assigns each font to a certain style (upright,
italic, bold ...), you can see the complete typescript for the
Delicious font on the wiki [2].

When you use my module you don't have to create a typescript (this
done by the module when you select a font), you need only the
\set<xxx>font commands to set the fonts for the families (serif,
sans and mono). The setup for the delicious fonts is:

\usemodule[simplefonts] % load the module
\setmainfont[Delicious] % set Delicious as main (serif) font

\rm\tf roman \it italic \bf bold \bi bolditalic \sc smallcaps


BTW: ConTeXt ships with complete typescripts for Mac (type-mac.tex)
and Windows (type-win.tex) fonts, more typescripts can be found at


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