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Font switching described in sec.5.3 of the manual, does not work in mkiv.

{\x some text }

! Undefined control sequence.
l.48 {\x
        some text }
! Emergency stop.

This has been removed from mkiv. There was a discussion about it a few weeks back which concluded with a suggestion that we should have a compatibility module for mkiv. I guess we should start filling in m-mkii.mkiv.

Hans, here is a version that takes care of \x, etc.

% todo

% Compatibility for font-ini

\definebodyfontswitch [xii]  [\!!twelvepoint]
\definebodyfontswitch [xi]   [\!!elevenpoint]
\definebodyfontswitch [x]    [\!!tenpoint]
\definebodyfontswitch [ix]   [\!!ninepoint]
\definebodyfontswitch [viii] [\!!eightpoint]
\definebodyfontswitch [vii]  [\!!sevenpoint]
\definebodyfontswitch [vi]   [\!!sixpoint]

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