| > I'm wondering what's the ConTeXt version
| > of LaTeX's "\...@."  (which indicates an end-of-sentence
| > period).  I can define
| >
| >  \d...@{\spacefactor1000}
| >
| > and use it, but if there is an official version
| > I'd like to know.
| ... USA.\ ...

Thanks, but that doesn't change the spacing, in my environment
at least.  (I use texlive-context on the testing distribution
of Debian.)

I think the command "\ " inserts an inter-word spacing,
not an inter-sentence spacing.  You can compare whether

   USA.\ This is another sentence

gives the same result as

   USA\spacefactor1000. This is another sentence

I know there is a typographic style where the inter-word
and inter-sentence spacings are the same.  But, by default,
ConTeXt uses a larger inter-sentence spacing than the
inter-word spacing.  In such a case, there has to be a means
to indicate an inter-sentence spacing when a sentence ends
with a capital letter and a period.

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