2009/5/20 Hans Hagen <pra...@wxs.nl>:
> Hi,
> I uploaded a beta. Not that many fixes (if someone can collect structure
> related bugs ...), only a few.

Let me raise several issues about luatex-plain.

First, newly released beta breaks luatex-plain,
because "luat-sto.lua" is not included in luatex-fonts.lua.
Without this, luatex-plain fails when trying to define

Secondly, "name:" method of font searching does not work.
The reason is version mismatch between font-dum.lua and
luatex-fonts-names.lua.  The former requires "data.version == 1.07",
while the latter's version is 1.08, if it is generated with current beta.

Thirdly, some fonts have extension "TTF" rather than "ttf",
so that function "resolvers.find_file" fails while finding,
for example, gentium font (filename: GenR102.TTF).
Here is my patch:

- return kpse.find_file(name,(kind and kind ~= "" and (remapper[kind]
or kind)) or "tex")
+ return kpse.find_file(name,(kind and kind ~= "" and
(remapper[string.lower(kind)] or kind)) or "tex")

Lastly, current beta does not support subfonts contained in
TTC (truetype collection).  TTC fonts are becoming more and more
difficult to find, but we still can find them especially in CJK world.
It's quite simple to support them:
just commenting out three lines from font-dum.lua

-- function fonts.define.get_specification(str)
--     return "", str, "", ":", str
-- end

Thank you for your great work, as always.
Dohyun Kim
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