Hi again ntg-context.

I have been working on my own CV/Resume module. Up until now I've just
been asking about specific bits of the implementation of this thing I
want to do, but perhaps that was a mistake as it hasn't really helped
progress much, so:
What I am trying to achieve is to define some three-argument command
to give a section/subject header and a date, and then a block of text.
The header and date should be on the same line, but aligned in either
direction (subject aligned left, date aligned right)
This block of text underneath it should be indented and able to
include an instance of the same command. Let me try to explain the
desired output in a little monospaced text diagram..


The "subject" and "subsubject" parts don't need to literally use
"\subject" , for example I also tried to use "\start(description){..."
for this purpose as well but that failed equally. Just something that
works reasonably as a section header.

I promise I have looked in the archives before asking :) for example

And here is an example of something I was playing with...




  {This happened from June 08 to June 09}
    {This happened from June 08 to December 08}
    {\input tufte }
    {This happened from January 09 to June 09}
    {\input zapf }}

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