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 I am not averse to rolling my own, I am just confused why, if environments
are so powerful and flexible (flexible meaning one can easily change
unlike document classes), there are no pre-rolled environments available..
am thinking here of standardized thesis environments for universities, or
nice letter environment to demonstrate the beauty of TeX.

There are a lot of letter styles are available for ConTeXt, what's wrong
with them?



Thank you for those! I had not come across them yet. I was responding to
Henning's statement that "there are nearly no ready-to-use ConTeXt
environments available". In fact I realize I had misread that until right
now, having missed the 'nearly' that qualifies the statement. Sorry for the

Also, I don't want it to seem like I don't enjoy rolling my own documents.
While I'm new at it, I quite like interfacing with documents in this
'programming' way.

in tex/context/[base|third], take a look at:

m-* : specialized  modules
s-* : styles
x-* : xml relatex modules
t-* : third party modules


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