Piotr Kopszak wrote:

I finally decided to learn lua and start making use of it in ConTeXt.
I was quite excited to find examples of interfaces in the fourth part
of "A New Kind of TeX" paper. It would be really useful if someone
could give examples how they could actually be  used, at least some of
them e.g.

command.insert, command.hbox, command.vbox, tex.parindent

where are these command.* defined? in context command is a reserved namespace

tex.parindent is \parindent at the lua end but setting it that way will probably mess up context's own indent handling

at some point there will be a context lua api defined but it's a bit early for that now

I think it would also be quite useful to propose a limited set of most
useful interfaces, something like the Top Ten ConTeXt commands. Is it
possible at all?

could be interesting ... a wiki page where users can mention their top-ten

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