2009/5/22 Taco Hoekwater <t...@elvenkind.com>:
> Hans Hagen wrote:
>> Taco Hoekwater wrote:
>>> Khaled Hosny wrote:
>>>> Not very helpful in this situation, but FontForge has a non-standard
>>>> italic correction (ITLC) table[1], may be TeX related OpenTyp font
>>>> projects like Latin Modern and Gyre fonts can use it?
>>> That would perhaps not be a bad idea. If that table is there then
>>> luatex will automatically use it (it is a subtable of 'TeX ', which
>>> also contains height and depth information, and font dimensions).
>> so, that data would end up in a regular feature/lookup? of is it an
>> entry in the glyph?
> They are automatically merged into the glyph, as
>        glyph.italic_correction
>        glyph.tex_height
>        glyph.tex_depth


Considering current state that we don't know any fonts that has ITLC table,
it would be better than nothing to implement italic correction as follows.
In the following code, "fontdata" is a table returned by the function

        local param = fontdata.parameters
        local italicangle = fontdata.shared.otfdata.metadata.italicangle
        if italicangle and italicangle < 0 then
            local uwidth = fontdata.shared.otfdata.metadata.uwidth or 40
            local factor = fontdata.factor or 655.36
            param.slant = - math.tan(italicangle*math.pi/180) * param.quad
            for i,v in pairs(fontdata.characters) do
                local gl = fontdata.descriptions[i]
                local it = (gl.boundingbox[3] - gl.width + uwidth*0.5) * factor
                if it > 0 then v.italic = it end

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