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> John Haltiwanger <john.haltiwanger <at> gmail.com> writes:
> [...]
> > Markdown with RDFa on the side will suit quite nicely, thanks to pandoc.
> Actually, you can embed the RDFa within the markdown files if you like.
> <div property="x:section">
> # Introduction
> Test.
> </div>
> Pandoc will just pass it on to the output XHTML (though throw it out for
> the
> context). But it's admittedly a little awkward to have to wrap the markdown
> with
> XHTML every time to want to add a triple.

Probably the biggest barrier for semanticality so far has been what a
struggle it is to incorporate into a fluid workflow. For instance yes that
is a pain to mix the markup and RDFa, but even more so if you are coding
straight XHTML (though visually it would look a bit less awkward, XHTML is
already so verbose that adding in the semanticality feels annoyingly

If only markdown had some syntax for it, like

# Introduction  |x:section

Wishful thinking.

John C. Haltiwanger
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