Hans van der Meer wrote:
When loading minimals with a shell script it appears that setuptex takes arguments from the calling shell script:

script called as "script --current" contains:
source ./setuptex

This result in the following error message:

mktexlsr: Done.
The argument "/Users/hans/TeX/context/current/tex/--current" is not a valid TEXROOT path. There is no file "/Users/hans/TeX/context/current/tex/--current/texmf/tex/plain/base/plain.tex"
Setting "/Users/hans/TeX/context/current/tex" as TEXROOT instead.

I guess this cannot be the intent of setuptex. It was the intention to just use
as the TEXROOT path.
Is there a simple solution?

what is --current supposed to do? shouldn't you use:

source ./setuptex /Users/hans/TeX/context/current/tex/

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