Hi, Hans:

bug report :
here is the test file. (old version of mkiv produce right result.
current mkii result is also right)
It is a bug introduced in this/last month.
The code is a stripped down version of
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Horizontal_Table_of_Contents (altough it
doesn't show toc horizontally)

\newcount\chapcounter \chapcounter=0
\def\tocchap#1#2#3{\advance\chapcounter by 1 #1 #2%
\chapter{hello} \section{hello} \section{hello}
\chapter{good} \section{good} \section{good}
\chapter{bad} \section{bad} \section{bad}

feature request:

btw, Hans, context should give an option to iterate through all the
chapters/sections to do something tricky.
using \chaptercounter is a really bad idea (the materials should
follow strict rules, like cannot jump from chap 1 to chap 3).
I think with mkiv it is able to achieve that.


I want to show toc before each chapter, and the toc only shows the
following chapter name in red.
How can I do that?
e.g. show the following before chapter 3

% A Page
sec 1 sec 2 sec 3
sec 1 sec 2 sec 3
Chap 3  %in red
sec 1 sec 2 sec 3 %in Red
sec 1 sec 2 sec 3
% Next Page
Chapter 3 % title
a lot of materials

Yue Wang
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