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Eythan Weg wrote:
I use luatex 0.43 with yesterday's beta. Running \everymath = {\displaystyle}
 ${a\over  b}$
results in   ! Use of \dospecialabout doesn't match its definition.
 l.4 ${a\over  b
Plain format under luatex has no problem here.
If I change \over to \times it runs with fonts changed
to roman (i.e, not math italics).

taco and i looked into it (fearing big problems) but it's actually normal; use

\everymath = \expandafter{\the\everymath \displaystyle}


\appendtoks \displaystyle \to \everymath

as (among other important things) \everymath does initialize \over

And with \frac it can be configured at context low level (why no key for \setupmathematics?)

\chardef\mathfracmode=1 % 0=auto, 1=displaystyle, 2=textstyle, 3=scriptstyle, 4=scriptscriptstyle, 5=mathstyle



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