I do not remember exactly when I got the source but I remember it was
through some link of wiki.contextgarden.net. If you recall Aditya we
had a discussion regarding vim syntax highlighting. It is of that

Also, I have a fresh setup of context and I found that you t-vim.tex
has a line "source kpse:2context.vim" which I had to modify to "source

>> Hi,
>> I have sources of context cont-eni.pdf. When I try to compile them I
>> get lots of errors. I am using Mark IV. However, I am successfully
>> able to compile Metafun manual using texexec. Any clues?
> cont-eni was written in 2001. It will not compile with MKIV. There has been
> many changes in the internals since 2001, so it is not surprising that it
> does not compile even with MKII. Usually, such errors can be corrected with
> a few changes. Where did you get the source files that you are testing on?
> Aditya
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Best regards,
Shiv Shankar Dayal
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