Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is any way to get the width of some TeX (or rather,
ConTeXt) expression inside lua, to do some math with it and output it again.

I've found the tex macro \setwidthof, which served me well at first, but I
need to do some more complex things with this widths (like taking the maximum
value of a bunch of widths and using that again in some other places).

Doing this in TeX would be my fallback option, but that would be a lot more
complex (I'd be generating the TeX code for it, but still...).

So, I'm looking for a function that accepts a string (and possible catcodes)
and returns the dimensions of that string as if it would be rendered directly
with tex.sprint & friends.

I've looked around the LuaTex manual a bit, and found the node.dimensions
function. However, that function requires a node object, which I have no clue
how to get at. 

Perhaps I could use \setwidthof and get at the value it assigned?

Any suggestions?



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