thanks again for all answers regarding labelling. It has mostly worked but I am
now having a particular problem with leqalignno.

It turns out that the \placeformula[mylabel] works as expected but for

This is an example:

     f_{q}^{p}(v) &= \frac{32}{5} \nu^{10} v^{10} \left[1 +
\log\left(v\right) \left(\sum_{i\geq6}^{k} \ell_{i} v^{i} \right)
     &\times P_{q}^{p} \left[\left(1 - \frac{v}{v_{\p}} \right)
\sum_{i=0}^{k} {\cal{F}}_{i}^{\lf} v^{i} \right],\cr

Then, when doing  Eq.~\in[Pflux] in the text, it will produce an ?? in
the resulting pdf.

Any help will be appreciated.


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