I am doing exactly the same thing as you want. I believe your problem is in 
keeping your worlds (Windows/Cygwin) straight. It appears that you have 
installed minimals “inside” cygwin (depending on whether your /usr directory is 
your cygwin /usr directory).


I installed minimals “normally”, as it is a Windows application. I ran the 
context setups from Windows. Then I can build with no problems from within 
cygwin by running the minimals cmd files (although you must specify the 
extension from within cygwin). I did not have to modify any files at all.


So far, no problems. Just remember to keep your path information in “Windows” 
format, not cygwin.




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Hi all,


I wonder if it possible to run the MSWin version of context-minimal under 

I want to use Makefile and other unix tools to automate my build process.


I tried modifying the context/tex/setuptex script, and manually set the 
platform variable to mswin,

but when I ran context.cmd, I saw the following error message. The texmf-cache 
path actually exists.

Any hint? Thanks a lot!


======begin cut===========

[administra...@cygwin test]$ context.cmd test1


Should I create the cache path /cygdrive/c/usr/docs/context/tex/texmf-cache? [ye

s|no] [no]


Should I create the cache path /cygdrive/c/usr/docs/context/tex/texmf-cache? [ye

s|no] [no]

MTXrun | unknown script 'context.lua' or 'mtx-context.lua'


======end cut===========




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