I want to be only
Exercise<SectionNumber>.<ExerciseNumber>, like 1.1, 1.2, etc.
You may try prefixset=section.

Thank you, Longmin, for your suggestion, it works! But other problems persist.

Hans (or someone else who can fix it), please, look into my minimal example:

\defineenumeration[exercise][title=yes, text=Exercise, prefix=yes, prefixset=section, width=fit] %way=bysection,

\exercise{Bla-bla-bla Bla-bla-bla Bla-bla-bla Bla-bla-bla Bla-bla-bla Bla-bla-bla}


1) the text is framed in odd manner and goes out of the page

2) the caption text is put into unexpected round brackets

3) the word "Exercise" is repeated twice, second time inside brackets before caption text.

Please, fix it because I use it. If it's impossible at the moment, please, suggest me another way of achieving this.


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