Jörg Hagmann wrote:
> Trying to compile a text with large sections taken from the html version
> of a paper, I got compilation errors. I then compiled paragraph by
> paragraph, until the first error occured. When I couldn't spot the
> problem, I added word after word, and then character after character. 
> It worked (example) until:
> ... and, like Mottern, she was not deterred by the existe
> After adding the next character ("n", by hand), compilation failed with:
> structure       : subject @ level 3 : 0.0.0 -> Science by committee
> [3.3][4.4]
> ! This can't happen (linebreak_tail).

Luatex's source code has a TODO next to this fatal error, so I am
sure something needs fixing. Can you send me a minimal input file
demonstrating the problem (with font and whatever else is needed)?

Best wishes,
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