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batela wrote:
Dear Sirs

I would like to include some macros from
http://melusine.eu.org/syracuse/poulecl/macros in my luatex documents.
Every time i try to include a new example (from papier.mp, par example)
i found this old error message:;  texnum.mp Unable to make mpx file.

init_numbers(btex $-$ etex,  btex$$etex, btex ${\times}$10etex

The mplib core (and luatex, by extension) does not have support
for btex ... etex constructs, but I think there is special code
in context mkiv to handle such cases?

thanks, but i'm afraid that I'm not able to find the solution. Perhaps some day anybody will be able to play with syrasuse macros in luatex documents.

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