Hi all,

I was using the following macro from Aditya's Mathalign "My Way".

It worked great with MkII and old versions of MkIV.

However, it failed in recent versions of MkIV (e.g. 2009.11.2).

Apparently, the \makesectionnumber and \rawreference macros have be removed.

I wonder if anyone can give pointers on how to fix this.

Thanks a lot.

best regards,


%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% begin %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%\def\placesubformulawithnumber{%


\def\doplacesubformulawithnumber[#1][#2]%#2 gobbles spaces







\startformula \startalign

\NC a_1 x + b_1 y \NC = c_1 \NR[+][a]

\NC a_2 x + b_2 y \NC = c_2 \NR[+][b]

\stopalign \stopformula

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% end %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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