the following code does not work with mark iv:

\definecolumnset [example-1] [n=2,balance=yes] 
\starttext \showgrid 
\startcolumnset [example-1] \dorecurse {1}{\input tufte \par} \stopcolumnset 

This is the error I get with latest minimals:

| ! Undefined control sequence.
| <inserted text> ...etbox 3\vbox {\unvbox \footins 
|                                                   }
| \dodonormaloutput ...lty \the \OTRcommand \output 
|                                                   \outputmessage 
| \invokeoutputroutine ...enalty }\dodonormaloutput 
|                                                   \outputmessage 
| <output> ...e \everybeforeoutput \the \mainoutput 
|                                                   \the \everyafteroutput }
| \ejectpenalty ->-\plustenthousand 
| \eject ->\par \ifvmode \penalty \ejectpenalty 
|                                               \fi \resetpagebreak 
| ...
| l.3 ...curse {1}{\input tufte \par} \stopcolumnset

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