Taco Hoekwater <t...@elvenkind.com> writes:

> Oliver Heins wrote:
>> Is there any context way to define these kind of shorthands?  (Babel
>> has the \decl...@shorthand internal command.)
> None are predefined, but you can install your own operations into
> context's || discretionary command.
> Try this, I think it is ok:

Thank you, Taco, it works.

I changed the definition of

> \definetextmodediscretionary {ff}
>   {f\discretionary{-}{}{}\kern.03em\prewordbreak f}


\definetextmodediscretionary {!!}

because the other ligatures (fl, fi, ft, fj etc.) might have to be
broken up, too.

However, I noticed that the |-| discretionary command produces wrong



regardless of your definitions.


\hsize 1em



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