after struggling some weeks to get everything to work, i'm now
nearly satisfied with typsetting via context. But there is one
problem left for that i cant find any solution, even after googling
for hours.
I am typesetting documents with a large amount of footnotes, and
want to have the footnote-number aligned to the correct decimal place.
The footnotes appear in an "numbered-list" style.
To explain:
page one has footnotes 1 to 8, numbers are left-aligned, everything is good

1 footnotetext
2 footnotetext
3 footnottext
8 footnotetext

page two has footnotes 9 to 12, so I want to have

9 footnotetext
10 footnotetext

but i only get:
9 footnotetext
10 foootnotextex.

I think, there is no easy solution, but maybe someone can give me a push
to the direction how i can realize that behaviour (btw same problem is with
numbered lists, and to make it really complicated, i do need the behaviour even
with multicolumn footnotes)
Any hint is welcome,

Thanks a lot
Achim Jander
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