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> Hi all,
> I'm working with a few custom macros to simplify typing a bit, like:
> \def\VHDL{\small{VHDL}}
> However, when I use this macro in text, like \VHDL this, it gobbles the space
> after it. I've seen some references that say to solve this by writing \VHDL{}
> instead, but that is of course very unpretty. I've tried to put all kinds of
> stuff ({}, \mbox{}, \obeyedspace, etc.) inside the \VHDL macro, but it seems
> the space is already gone there, so that didn't work. (Note that just putting
> a space inside the macro won't work, for cases where I use \VHDL, like this)
> It seems that latex has an xspace package that does some guesswork about
> whether a space is required, but it looks mightily scary. Does ConTeXt provide
> for any way to solve this problem in a nice way? Or is this just so
> fundamental in TeX that there is no real solution?

I don't know the answer.

But I remember that a similar question time ago
trigged to me to know more about \futurelet
and I consider it a real gain for my own personal macro.

Maybe can be the same for you.

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