Hi all,

I was trying the following bib example on MkIV beta 2009.11.20 and
luatex beta-0.44.0-2009103007.
There isn't an apparent error message, but neither the bib reference or the
publication list appears in the pdf.

1. In MkII, it works well.
2. In MkIV, if you use the [criterium=all] option, both bib ref and pub list
show properly. Other criterium, e.g. [criterium=section] doesn't work.

thanks a lot.


========= test.tex ===========

  \cite[a] .


========= xampl.bib ===========
  editor =       {John D. Barnsford and Ann L. Brown and Rodney R. Cocking},
  title =        {{How people learn: Brain, mind, experience, and school}},
  publisher =    {National Academy Press},
  year =         {2000},
  address =      {Washington, DC}
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