Hi all,

Sorry for popping up that question again, but has anybody a hint for me how to 
solve it or where I can read more about it?

I'm working on converting my lecture papers from latex to ConTeXt, where I also 
use a condended font, but only for Excel formulas
and not as main body font .
For example 
>       {
>               \changefont{cmss}{sbc}{n}\small%
>               \begin{tabbing}%
>                       \hspace{1cm}\=\$E\$9:\$E\$13 <=\$D\$9:\$D\$13\\
>                       \> {\$F\$18:\$H\$18 >=0}\\
>               \end{tabbing}
>       }%

My question is how I can change a font only for a particular text. Not only 
normal->condensed, even change the complete font like
using Zapf for a special markup in a Helvetica/Heros text.

Thanks for you help.

Wolfgang Murth

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