Andreas Harder wrote:
> Hi,
> something is wrong with the column placement or I did something wrong. I want 
> them on both columns or at least at the right one.
> % \setupfootnotes[location=columns] % -> box0
> \setupfootnotes[location=lastcolumn] % -> = firstcolumn

There is a bug in strc-not.mkiv, it exchanges the numeric values
of 'lastcolumn' (3) and 'firstcolumn' (4) when compared to mkii.

Lines 328,329 should read:

\setvalue{\??vn @\v!lastcolumn }{\setnotelocation\plusthree}
\setvalue{\??vn @\v!firstcolumn}{\setnotelocation\plusfour}

Also, there is a missing \ in page-mul.mkiv.

Line 944 should read:


After those two fixes and a format regeneration, your input gets the
correct output over here.

Best wishes,

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