Mojca Miklavec wrote:
On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 20:19, No? wrote:
I've been having issues with columns and \start(stop)bodymatter statements
since I updated MacTeX to 2009.
Here is a sample of code which works fine on MacTeX 2008 (tlmgr update'ed)
version, and which crashes on MacTeX 2009.

Here's a simplified example that doesn't work with the latest ConTeXt
version either. It seems like bug in "balance=yes" inside columnsets
(might be just a missing \egroup) that only affects mkii (mkiv works
fine, but not on TL 2009 :)



\input tufte


I leave it as an exercise to the others to spot the missing delimiter
in mkii sources.

ok, i figured it out

- when i split the code in mkii and mkiv i merged page-new.tex into page-set without noticing that the balancing code was just experimental and not even working currently

- so, the balancing code in page-set is just a hook

- in mkiv i had actually nilled the code so no error there

we can do some manual balancing, like:

\setupcolumnset [test-1] [balance=yes]
\setupcolumnset [test-2] [balance=yes]

\setupcolumnsetlines[test-1][1][1] [8]

\startcolumnset [test-1] \dorecurse {1}{\input tufte \par} \stopcolumnset
\startcolumnset [test-2] \dorecurse {2}{\input ward  \par} \stopcolumnset

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