Am 29.11.2009 um 18:41 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:

> has the defintion for \inputfilename changed, when i used it in the past i got
> the filename without extension but now i get the filename plus extension.
> \starttext
> \inputfilename
> \stoptext

i found now the answer to my problem in core-sys.mkiv

%D There are a couple of system states avaiable:
%D \starttabulate [|T|T|]
%D     \NC \type{\jobname}           \NC \jobname           \NC \NR
%D     \NC \type{\jobfilename}       \NC \jobfilename       \NC \NR
%D     \NC \type{\jobfilesuffix}     \NC \jobfilesuffix     \NC \NR
%D     \NC \type{\inputfilename}     \NC \inputfilename     \NC \NR
%D     \NC \type{\inputfilebarename} \NC \inputfilebarename \NC \NR
%D     \NC \type{\inputfilesuffix}   \NC \inputfilesuffix   \NC \NR
%D     \NC \type{\outputfilename}    \NC \outputfilename    \NC \NR
%D     \NC \type{\operatingsystem}   \NC \operatingsystem   \NC \NR
%D \stoptabulate


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