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> Oliver Heins schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> with color black overprinting is not working.  You can easily spot this
>> when you use the »Ausgabevorschau« (sorry, my acrobat is in german
>> locale, must be something with »preview« in english; located in the
>> »tools« menu) in acrobat and remove magenta and black from the preview.
>> Whilst under the region with the magenta colored text the picture gets
>> shown, in the region with the black colored text the text is cut out of
>> the picture, leaving white.
> I think the visible 'knockedout' text on the picture is just another
> acrobat bug. I manually checked the text and the OVP attributes are
> correctly set. If you use the coloring mechanism (Ausgabenvorschau -> 
> Farbwarnungen -> [x] Überdruck anzeigen), you will see that everything
> looks ok.

Yes, I noticed that, too.  But to me it looks like it is first knocked
out in the pdf, and then the overprint flag is set.

I made a document with scribus, which looks alright in acrobats preview:

So I doubt that this is a bug in acrobat, but in context or even in

>> you have to manually copy the hacker.jpg to your working directory
>> (under linux e.g. with cp $(kpsewhich hacker.jpg)
>> /path/to/your/working/directory) and change the path to make the
>> minimal example work under mark iv.
> I noticed this too (no picture with mkiv). BOF = Bug Or Feature :)

Feature, as Taco kindly pointed out :-)


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