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> Oliver Heins schrieb:
>> I have another question.
>> The print shop wants the background image to be overprinted.  Is it
>> sufficiant to set »overprint=yes« once in \setupcolors or does one need
>> to explicitely tell the region with \startoverprint ... \stopoverprint?
> simply use \startoverprint ... \stopoverprint for the text
> regions. you may need to add \startknockout ... \stopknockout for
> picture elements in that region. the "overprint=yes" option is for
> document wide setting, so this is not what you want.
> anyhow, if you own a copy of acrobat, you can visualize the
> overprinted elements in the output preview (color warnings).

I managed to get a copy of acrobat.  Now I understand the benefits and
risks of overprinting.  Thank you for pointing out!

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